Making an Environmental Complaint to the EPA

If you’ve been dealing with an EPA authorised site and the problem has not been resolved you should contact the EPA using this form.
For general environmental problems not related to EPA authorised sites, such as littering, backyard burning, water pollution, noise, dust and smells, you should contact the local authority in the first instance. If these issues are not resolved by the local authority, the EPA will investigate the issue if you submit this form. You will be asked to provide information on your previous contact with the local authority.
I confirm I have read the above, and I wish to proceed with making an environmental complaint to the EPA.

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We will not publish your name or contact details. The EPA, Authorisation Holder or Local Authority may wish to contact you to clarify pollution issues.
We strongly recommend that you allow us to pass on your contact details to the Authorisation Holder or Local Authority to help resolve the issue.